Key moments in the NANOPHEN activities

(i) Organization and implementation of a unique Pilot Program for coupled multidisciplinary training and fundamental knowledge on nanoscale phenomena.

The implementation of this Program resulted in increased competence and expertise of the core team of young researchers build at IPC-BAS and contributed to the stabilization and development of the human resources, so as to ensure the long-term development of IPC-BAS as a research centre on a European level.

(ii) Organization of international scientific events: three International Workshops, two International Experts Meetings and one International Conference.

These events play an important role in intensifying the contacts of IPC-BAS researchers with similar European research institutions, in identification of important new trends in the specific scientific field of research, particularly in (i) nucleation and growth phenomena in crystal and amorphous materials; (ii) interfacial phenomena in colloid systems; (iii) knowledge-based multifunctional nanomaterials with direct industrial utilization

(iii) Improvement and upgrade the material resources of IPC-BAS.

The unique instrumentation for measuring surface forces between liquid interfaces has been upgraded. Two new equipments have been purchased: Differential Scanning Calorimetry with thermogravimetry and Scanning Electron Microscope with EDX-analysis. Besides, IPC-BAS LAN has been totally renovated, putting it on a new construction principle.