WORK Packages

WP 1: Enhancing collaboration with similar institutions in Member States

T 1-1: Organizing exchange of personnel and of joint experiments
Twenty two researcher visits were performed by scientific employees of IPC-BAS in EU countries research centers with the financial support of NANOPHEN. They have resulted in 8 scientific publications and more than 50 presentations on various scientific forums.

T 1-2: Stimulating the scientific staff to participate in other collaboration programs and instruments of FPs
During the time of NANOPHEN implementation there have been 23 responses to various calls closely related to the thematic priorities of NANOPHEN, with 13 successful outcomes and 1 on the stage of evaluation.

T 1-3: Organizing Virtual International Research Group (VIRT)
An essential part of the activity within the framework of this task was the First non-VIRTual Meeting: "Instabilities at Surfaces" that took place in the Black Sea resort "Sunny Beach" from September 29 to October 1, 2006.

T 1-4: Initiating new networks
The major initiative of IPC-BAS in the networking activities of project NANOPHEN was the implementation of CONductive POlymer EXpert (CONPOEX) Meeting, held in Borovets, Bulgaria, April 17-20, 2008. CONPOEX Meeting was planned as a starting point for the building of a new European network in the interdisciplinary field of conducting polymers.

T 1-5: Participation in the activities of the National Center
of Nanotechnology (NCNT)

WP 2: Upgrading key IPC BAS equipment and electronic communication tools

Task 2-1: Upgrade of key equipment

Task 2-2: Upgrading IPC-BAS electronic communication system
Certificated structured cabling system and LAN were developed in IPC-BAS. The LAN is characterized with 100 Mbps velocity, reliability and flexibility. The equipment is provided by world-wide firms with best quality for up to 144 workstations (separated micro computers) placed on 5 floors and basement.
Both, the certificated structured cabling system and local area network, allow reliable, rapid and comfortable work to all users in IPC-BAS and to receive the new challenges of continuously developed IT matter.

WP 3: Creating new career prospects for young researchers

T 3-1: Creating new job opportunities and better working conditions
Seven new job positions for researchers, at the age below 30, were opened in IPC-BAS. Twenty one young specialists from IPC-BAS have been offered additional contracts related to specific scientific research activities.
1. Twenty papers have already been published and three are in stage of preparation for publication; all are related to the scientific tasks in the contracts of these young researchers.

T 3-2: Probing a pilot program for coupled multidisciplinary training and fundamental knowledge on nanoscale phenomena
The strategic goal was to ensure an intensive and advanced teaching of the created core team of young scientists in the field of nanoscience and nanomaterials, so as to sustain the good tradition of high-quality research in IPC-BAS.

Pilot Program for advanced training of young researchers and PhD students was designed. It was composed of two stages.
The first stage comprised 8 lectures on 5 themes, delivered by the members of International Expert Group.

The second stage included 34 lectures on 14 topics, devoted to the presentation of most important achievements and recent results in IPC-BAS in the field of the nanoscale phenomena and structures and their applications in the practice. Beside the lectures, additional training-through-research program was implemented, consisting of 32 academic hours of demonstration experiments and training in 8 of the leading laboratories of IPC-BAS. Most of the young scientists had the opportunity to present their own work and to demonstrate the experimental skills during the practical courses. This helped to promote informal discussions among the participants and lecturers and thus expanded the participant's expertise of their particular subject area. Two books of abstracts, of the lectures and of the laboratory demonstrations were prepared and given to each attending the activities.

The Pilot Program activity was completed with a special poster session during the Second NANOPHEN Annual Meeting. The poster presentations were prepared by the young scientists, participating in the Pilot Program and showed the results of their current scientific research.

T 3-3: Participation of young researchers in training courses and summer schools in MS partner institutions and hosting renowned scientists for co-tuition and training
During the implementation of the project NANOPHEN ten PhD students of IPC-BAS were funded by and they participated in EU Schools. The PhD students have also been very active in participating in the workshops and the conference, organized by IPC-BAS. And not only helping with the organization and accommodation of the participants, but also presenting posters and being coauthors of many of the delivered oral presentations.

WP 4: Dissemination of knowledge

T 4-1: Organization of exploratory workshops and international conference
Three international exploratory workshops and one International conference have been organized.
The first NANOPHEN International Workshop "Nanostructured materials in electroplating" was held in the town of Sandanski, in March 25-30, 2006. The event was announced on IPC web-site:

A book of abstracts and a Book comprising all the invited lectures and poster presentations in full text were issued.
The second NANOPHEN International Workshop "Shedding Light on the Nano-world - ordered and disordered nanostructures" (SLNW'2006) was held from 23 to 28 of September, 2006 in Hotel Bellvue, at Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. The detailed information for the meeting is to be found on the web-site:

The exploratory Workshop "Nanoscale Phenomena in Colloid and Interface Science" (NPCIS'2007) was the third in a series of scientific events devoted to the dissemination of knowledge in the third of the thematic priorities of NANOPHEN: interfacial phenomena in colloid systems. Full information for the meeting was to be found on the IPC-BAS web-site: index.html.

From 26 February to 2 March 2008 the Institute of Physical Chemistry at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IPC-BAS) hosted in Sofia the NANOPHEN International Conference "Nanoscale Phenomena and Structures in Bulk and Surface Phases" (NPS'08).

A Book of Abstracts, NPS'08 Proceedings: "Nanoscale Phenomena and Structures", edited by D. Kashchiev, Prof. M. Drinov Academic Publishing House, Sofia, 2008 were issued.

T 4-2: Participation of IPC-BAS scientists in international scientific events
More than 40 scientists from the Institute have delivered more than 50 presentations on various scientific events, performed in EU countries. The most important outcome was that the EC funding has allowed the young and newly hired researchers in our Institute to participate in most important scientific events in their respective research areas.

T 4-3: Access to recent books and specialized book series
Twenty one books have been purchased:

T 4-4: Intensifying the relations with public and societal issues
The implementation of the project NANOPHEN has added to the citizen awareness for the importance of expected future development in NMP. NANOPHEN participated actively in actions of this type, namely:
1. The exhibition "Machines, technologies, materials"-Days of the Bulgarian industry; March 24-28, 2006 in Inter-Expo Center, Sofia. This exhibition was attended by high officials from the Bulgarian government, as well.

2. The exhibition "Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in the European Research Area" April 7-10, 2006. This was an initiative of BAS, devoted to the forthcoming membership of Bulgaria in EU. The exhibition was attended by the Bulgarian Minister of Education and Science. The coordinator of NANOPHEN Elena Mileva has also participated in the Meeting with the European Commissioner for Science and Research Jannek Potochnik in Sofia on the April, 11, 2006.

3. In the beginning of the reporting period a project-related website was elaborated This website serves as a virtual medium for promotion of the project-related activities, upload of application forms, advertising and reporting project events and actions

4. A special brochure was issued, devoted to the project NANOPHEN and the expertise offered by the scientific departments in IPC-BAS. It has been distributed on the exhibitions (the events described in points 1&2) and among the collaborative partners of our institute throughout of the various meeting s and scientific events of the project.

5. During the first year of the NANOPHEN project two major events have been organized. The first initiative was "National Day of Nanotechnology" in June 2005 and was devoted to the promotion of the scientific activities of various research groups and institution in Bulgaria in the field of Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies. One of the basic lectures on this forum was delivered by Vessela Tsakova, Deputy Coordinator of NANOPHEN and the title was "NANOPHEN: IPC-BAS in the European Research Area". The lecture may be found on the NANOPHEN web-site.

6. In the midterm of the project implementation time period we have organized a presentation of the NANOPHEN project. This presentation was attended by two deputy ministers from the Ministry of Education and Science, as well as by several high officials from the administration of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The presentation was also attended by all Directors of the Institutes of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences whose research activity is in the field of Natural Sciences. The coordinator of NANOPHEN Elena Mileva explained the structure of the project and how it worked during the first one and a half year. The scientific equipment purchased with the financial assistance of NANOPHEN has been shown to the guests. The conditions for eventual collaborative research activities and advanced training of young researchers have been discussed. An announcement about this event was published in the Official Bulletin of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

7. The project NANOPHEN was presented at the 4th MINAEAST-NET workshop: Preparing the European cooperation in FP 7, Bucharest, 16-17 October, 2006.

8. At the 7th NATIONAL WORKSHOP on NANOSCIENCE and NANOTECHNOLOGY, which took place in November 24-25, 2005 in Sofia Elena Mileva, coordinator of NANOPHEN and chair of the Section "Bioinspired concepts and medical applications" in the National Center for Nanotechnology (NCNT) has presented a report "Bioinspired concepts and medical applications". The latter can be found on NANOPHEN web-site

9. An announcement about the second International Workshop "Nanoscale Phenomena in Colloid and Interface Science" (NPCIS'07) have been published in the quarterly of the International Association of Colloid and Interfaces Scientists (IACIS):

10. An article by one of the members of the Organising Committee of the NANOPHEN International Workshop "Nanoscale Phenomena in Colloid and Interface Science" (NPCIS'07) Prof. Dimo Platikanov was published in the Official Bulletin of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. This article contains an short overview of the activities in the NANOPHEN project with a special attention on the International Workshop

11. The project coordinator Elena Mileva has presented the basic aims and achievement of the Center of Excellence for Nanoscale Phenomena and Structures in Bulk and Surface Phases in the September 2007 issue of The Parliament Magazine. This Magazine is distributed among the high EU officials in Brussels and Strasburg, and also among the Members of the EU Parliament.

12. In the March, 2008 issue of the Official Bulletin of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences an announcement was published about the book "Nanoscale Phenomena and Structures", ed. by D. Kashchiev, Prof. Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House, Sofia. This is the Proceedings Book of the final NANOPHEN International Conference "Nanoscale Phenomena and Structures in Bulk and Surface Phases" (NPS'08), which took place in February 26- March 02, 2008.

13. A Joint Meeting of the National Innovation Council and the Coordination Council of the National Center of Nanothechnology took place on June 30, 2006 and was devoted to the promotion of the national policy in Innovations and the role of Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies. The Head of one of the Departments in IPC-BAS, Nikolay Boshkov has delivered an oral presentation "Ideas against corrosion". A special information book was issued presented a range of research accomplishments in the field of NMP, related to direct application in industry and medicine