Project summary

The basic objective of the project is to improve and reinforce the research capacity of the Institute of Physical Chemistry at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in the field of nanoscale phenomena in bulk and surface phases so as to foster the impact of nanotechnologies on national scientific and economic development.

The project aims at:

  • enhanced collaboration with similar MS institutions and formation of stable networks
  • improving the participation in ERA and particularly in FP6 initiatives
  • formation of a critical mass of highly qualified young researchers with multidisciplinary scientific skills
  • improving the technical level of key scientific equipment in IPC-BAS and thus enlarging the scope and efficiency of experimental techniques, which are widely used incl. for collaborative research with MS partner laboratories

The objectives will be achieved by:

  • enhanced exchange of scientists and expertise
  • organizing on-line acting Virtual international research group
  • initiating new networks
  • organizing exploratory workshops on basic thematic priorities of the project
  • creating new job opportunities and better working conditions
  • intensive practical (experimental and computer) training for young researchers
  • increasing expertise by advanced study, co-tuition by MS experts
  • upgrade of key scientific equipment in IPC-BAS

Addressing the priorities of the Specific Call, the proposed support actions will result in:

  • increasing the quality and scope of IPC-BAS research activities in the field of NMP
  • adding new value to the national scientific potential in the thematic priority of the NANOPHEN project
  • opposing the negative trend of age-misbalance in science and “brain-drain” of Bulgarian young researchers
  • elaborating a new concept for coupling multidisciplinary practical training and fundamental knowledge in the field of nanoscale phenomena and structures
  • converting IPC-BAS into a high-level European research institution.

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