Selected Publications

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Rogilo, D.I., Fedina, L.I., Kosolobov, S.S., Ranguelov, B.S., Latyshev, A.V.
2D Si island nucleation on the Si(111) surface at initial and late growth stages: On the role of step permeability in pyramidlike growth
(2017) Journal of Crystal Growth, 457, pp. 188-195.

Paunovic, P., Grozdanov, A., Cesnovar, A., Makreski, P., Gentile, G., Ranguelov, B., Fidancevska, E.
Characterization of nanoscaled TiO2 produced by simplified sol-gel method using organometallic precursor
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Karamanov, A., Maccarini Schabbach, L., Karamanova, E., Andreola, F., Barbieri, L., Ranguelov, B., Avdeev, G., Lancellotti, I.
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Computer modelling of nanoscale diffusion phenomena at epitaxial interfaces
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Dimowa, L., Atanassova-Vladimirova, S., Piroeva, I., Ranguelov, B., Shivachev, B.L.
Antibacterial activity of Ag-, Zn-, Cd-, Ba-modified natural Clinoptilolite against Escherichia Coli
(2014) Comptes Rendus de L'Academie Bulgare des Sciences, 67 (11), pp. 1531-1538.

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Structural and adhesional properties of thin MoO3 films prepared by laser coating
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Critical terrace width for two-dimensional nucleation during Si growth on Si(111)-(7Ч7) surface
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Diffusion limited aggregation with modified local rules
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Paunovic, P., Popovski, O., Fidancevska, E., Ranguelov, B., Stoevska Gogovska, D., Dimitrov, A.T., Hadi Jordanov, S.
Co-Magneli phases electrocatalysts for hydrogen/oxygen evolution
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Scaling and universality in models of step bunching: The "c +-C -" model
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