Interfaces and Colloids

Design, characterization and optimization of complex liquid media and nanostructured materials for applications in medicine,

pharmacy, cosmetics, food and oil industries and for environmental protection:

  • investigation the properties of adsorption layers of liquid phase boundaries
  • thin liquid films (foams, emulsions and wetting)
  • wetting phenomena, determination of the three-phase contact parameters
  • correlation composition/properties/stability of foams and emulsions
  • electro-optical phenomena in colloidal systems, electrical, optical properties and stability of the dispersed particles
  • structure and properties of aqueous solutions of low molecular surfactants, lipids, synthetic and natural polymers, proteins
  • optimizing the composition of the "intelligent" liquid mixtures of heat-sensitive and biocompatible components
  • optimization of complex liquid compositions for transfer and release of drugs for the diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary immaturity in neonates
  • "self-repairing" hybrid protective coatings