Unique microinterferometric equipment designed to IPC for simultaneous visual observation, tracking the various stages in the formation, measuring the thickness of thin liquid films. The apparatus has a different measuring cells for examination of foam, emulsion, and wetting films. It works in two modes: constant and variable pressure.

Tensiometer system for investigation of interfacial surfaces by profile analysis of drop and/or bubble. The apparatus (RAT-1, Sinterface) allows determination of the rheological properties of adsorption layers in liquid phase boundary. The system is completely equipped, incl. a double-dosing system for the exchange of the liquid in the hanging drop, as well as a module for testing the dynamics of spreading and measuring the angle of wettability on the solid phase boundary. The apparatus is located in a special air-conditioned laboratory environment ("clean room and box with an aspiration system for capturing particulate matter") to maintain the controlled conditions of conducting experiments involving liquid surface and is associated with highly programmable thermostat. Additionally it is equipped with a system for 24/7 remote control and data processing over the Internet, combined with remote activation / deactivation in national GSM radio network (with optional full management in GSM / UMTS).
Langmuir balance (KSV NIMA Langmuir Trough System), with small and large bathtub, Surface Potential Meter and KSV NIMA Control Software for the study of adsorption layers of liquid phase boundaries. The instrument also allows the determination of the rheological properties of adsorption layers in liquid phase boundary.


Determination of electrical properties (polarizability and dipole moments) of inorganic, organic and biological particles with colloidal dimensions, and their average size with subsequent evaluation of their polydispersity.


Original apparatus for measuring the light scattering in the electric field, which can be determine electrical, optical and geometrical parameters of the colloidal particles in an aqueous medium and in the presence of low molecular weight salts, surfactants and polymers.
Cell for measurement of light scattering in the electric field of colloidal suspensions.

Apparatus for measuring the electrophoretic mobility of the particles in the colloidal suspensions.


The department has modern equipment as standard: Tenziometar Kruss (Force Tensiometer - Krusse 11); Laboratory pH meter (InoLab pH 7110 set 4); Dual-band electronic analytical balance Sartorius' A225D (Analytical Balance Sartorius Cubis MSU225P); Conductivity meter (InoLab Cond 730 WTW); Ultrasonic bath Bandelin (Electronic Sonorex RK31); Ultrasonic homogenizer Bandelin (Sonopuls Ultraschall-Homogenisatoren HD 2200)