Electrochemistry and Corrosion

Obtaining and characterization of catalytic materials with reduced (J. Georgieva, D. Tachev, E. Valova, S. Armyanov) or zero (R. Rashkov) content of noble metals and multicomponent nanomaterials with a view to their application in modern technologies for realization of alternative energy sources.

Electrochemical obtaining of photo and foto-electrocatalytic materials, including oxides, for purification of water and air (J. Georgieva, D. Tachev, E. Valova, S. Armyanov) carrying also active catalytic layers in the course of heterogeneous catalytic reactions, etc. (D. Stoychev, E. Stoyanova).

Electrochemical (N. Boshkov, I. Krastev, Ts. Dobrovolska) and chemical (M. Petrova) obtaining of metal, alloy, composite and oxide coatings (D. Stoychev, E. Stoyanova) with special functional properties (physico-chemical and physico-mechanical) such as high corrosion resistance or mechanical resistance; elasticity, ductility, reflectivity, etc.; abrasive materials, decorative coatings for jewelry industry and households.

Elaboration of environmentally friendly technologies for obtaining of sustainable protective layers on aluminum, zinc and steel (D. Stoychev, E. Stoyanova, N. Boshkov, I. Krastev).

Structure formation and self-organization phenomena in electroplating of alloy coatings (I. Krastev).

Corrosion monitoring and corrosion characterization of low- and high-alloy steels (N. Boshkov).

Electroextraction and electrorefining of metals (I. Krastev).