A. Scheludko Colloquium 2016

December 9th, 2016, L. Alexandrova: „Effect of pH on the wetting of a solid surface by aqueous solutions of star polymer surfactants


December 2nd, 2016, R. Todorov: „Thin liquid films: examination of the pulmonary surfactant


November 25th, 2016, H. Petkova: „Interfacial properties of aqueous solutions of hydrophobically modified polyacrylic acid: influence of the length of the polymer chain


November 18th, 2016, V. Milkova: “Capsulation of caffeine in nanoemulsion capsules coated with multilayer films of polysaccharides


November 11th, 2016, L. Nikolov: „Separation of fine solids by foaming of suspension


November 4th, 2016, Ts. Radeva: „Preparation of nano containers with corrosion inhibitor for steel


October 28th, 2016, S. Stoyanov: „Bulk and interfacial properties of aqueous solutions of two-antennary oligoglycines: pH dependence


October 21th, 2016, I. Terzijski: „Black foam films from mixtures of phospholipid synthetic analogues of SP-B and SP-C”.


October 14th, 2016, N. Panchev: „Electro-microinterferometric studies of water-in-oil emulsion films stabilized by natural and synthetic surfactants


October 7th, 2016, Marcel Krzan (J. Haber Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry PAS, Cracow, Poland): „Particle laden stabilisation of the biological foams


July 1st, 2016, E. Mileva: „Structure of β-lactoglobulin adsorption layers and foam systems stability


Jun 17th, 2016, S. Stoyanov: „Bulk properties of aqueous solutions of tetra-antennary oligoglycine (T4) and bacterial polysaccharide (LPS): pH dependence


April 1st, 2016, D. Arabadzhieva: „Two-antennary oligoglycines: interfacial layer properties on aqueous and solid surfaces


March 18th, 2016, G. Georgiev (Faculty of Physics, Sofia University): „Langmuir films: a powerful tool for studying the viscoelastic properties of human tear lipids


February 26th, 2016, S. Tcholakova (Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, Sofia University): „Control of drop shape transformations in cooled emulsions


February 19th, 2016, S. Stoylov: „Microtubules and electrooptocs