A. Scheludko Colloquium 2017

December 15th, 2017, L. Alexandrova: “Wetting phenomena of aqueous phospholipid solutions and their mixtures thereof with hydrophobic surfactant analogues


December 8th, 2017, R. Todorov: “Black foam films for pulmonary insufficiency diagnostics


December 1st, 2017, H. Petkova: “Influence of the subsurface area on the dynamic and rheological properties of liquid interfaces


November 17th, 2017, L. Nikolov: “Behavior of micron-sized particles in the boundary layer at wall


November 3rd, 2017, I. Tersijski: “Foam films of phospholipids included in the composition of a new synthetic therapeutic agent


October 27th, 2017, Ts. Radeva: “Preparation and corrosion characterization of composite zinc coatings with polyaniline


October 20th, 2017, N. Panchev: “The role of canonical ensemble in predicting the toluene film structure under external electric field


October 13th, 2017, К. Кamburova: „Smart nanocontainers with inhibitor for improving the corrosion protection of zinc coatings on steel


September 29th, 2017, А. Gyurova: “Effect of pH on the bulk and interfacial properties of two-antennary oligoglycine T2-C8 in aqueous solutions


July 7th, 2017, Е. Mileva: “Design of soft nanostructures in aqueous solutions of amphiphilic peptides”


June 9th, 2017, P. Tchoukov: “Influence of asphaltene aggregation on the rheological properties of bitumen solutions


June 2nd, 2017, A. Zhivkov: “Stability of an aqueous suspension of aluminum oxide in the presence of carboxymethylcellulose


May 12th, 2017, S. Stoylov: “Electro-optics of lipid nanotubes


March 10th, 2017, D. Arabadzhieva: “On the footsteps of a precipitate or properties of aqueous solutions of two-antennary oligoglycines - pH dependence


February 10th, 2017, V. Tonchev: “The fractal dimension of ice on the nanoscale: Numerical perspective