Upright light microscope Zeiss Axioscope 5

Precise, high-end upright light microscope, working in transmitted or reflected light, LED illumination system and four different contrast techniques: bright field, dark field, differential interferential contrast and circular-differential interferential contrast. Reliable and suitable for broad range of studies in materials science, including crystal growth grains, phase boundaries, morphology of surfaces, thin films, defects and interstitials. Magnificationс – х50, х100, х200, х500, х1000.


Electron microscope JEOL 6390 with INCA Oxford EDS detector:
- surface morphology – images in secondary electrons
- density distribution – images in back-scattered electrons
- elemental analysis – oxides, all elements incl. carbon
- line scanning elemental analysis
- elemental mapping
- image mixing, spectra comparing
- elemental analysis with standarts


Electron microscope JEOL 5300:
- surface morphology – secondary electrons images
- vacuum coating with carbon (arc discharge coater)
   and/or gold (cathode sputter coater)


ELMI Sputter: